A Brief Biography of Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman

Anastacio Mindiola

A Houston attorney experienced in representing clients in civil matters, Anastacio (Trae) Mindiola holds a BBA from the University of Houston and a JD from South Texas College of Law. While studying for his law degree, Anastacio Mindiola served as a clerk in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and interned under Justice Eva Guzman, who at the time sat on Texas’ 14th Court of Appeals.

A fellow graduate of both the University of Houston (UH) and South Texas College of Law (STCL), Justice Eva Guzman currently maintains a seat on the Supreme Court of Texas. Initially appointed to the bench in 2009, she became the first Latina in the history of the state to earn election to statewide office when the people of Texas voted her to a full term the following year. Justice Guzman won election to another six-year term in 2016.

Before joining the state’s highest court, Justice Guzman spent nearly a decade as a judge on the 14th Court of Appeals. Her judicial background also includes hearing thousands of cases over her tenure on the 309th District Court in Harris County. A successful attorney prior to taking the bench, Justice Guzman holds an LLM from Duke University School of Law in addition to her degrees from UH and STCL.

Wage Theft Representation at Mindiola Law Firm

Anastacio Mindiola

Anastacio Trae Mindiola has more than a decade of experience as a Texas legal professional, and in 2011 he established his law firm in Houston, Texas. For the last seven years, Anastacio Mindiola has represented clients and overseen activities across all practice areas at the firm, including wage theft.

An all too common example of wage theft in the states of Texas, California, New York, and Pennsylvania involves employers failing to provide employees with time and a half pay when an individual has worked more than 40 hours per week. Attorneys in these states may be able to secure lost wages from up to six years prior, while certain scenarios can result in employees receiving up to double the amount of unpaid wages, plus costs of recovery, attorney’s fees, and additional compensation.

Wage theft cases can represent significant amounts of lost salary. In 2016, Uber was found guilty of $100 million in wage and hour violations. Unfortunately, more than 75 percent of non-exempt workers in the United States do not receive legally mandated overtime pay. To learn more about legal recourse in regards to unpaid wages, visit mindiolawfirm.com.

Mindiola Law Firm’s Aircraft and Airport Property Damage Practice

Anastacio Mindiola

Anastacio Mindiola, a graduate of the South Texas College of Law, began his legal career in 2004 as a law clerk with the Harris County District Attorney’s office in Houston. For nearly seven years, Anastacio Trae Mindiola has led his own Houston-based law firm. The firm serves clients in a variety of areas, including aircraft and airport property damage claims.

Aircraft and airport property damage cases generally occur when an insurer declines or delays payments for damages to an aircraft or related airport facilities. With the help of an experienced aviation accident lawyer, aircraft and airport owners can work toward expediting the payment process or resolving rejected claims. An aviation accident lawyer may need to address a number of arguments made by insurance representatives, such as the issued claim exceeding the perceived value of the damage or the cause of damage not being covered by the insurance policy.

Aviation accident lawyers can also assist clients in understanding and negotiating the terms and limits of a policy. Some of the most common examples of aircraft damage include weather related damages, construction flaws and equipment malfunctions, and vandalism.

When Insurance Agencies Act in Bad Faith

Anastacio Mindiola
Anastacio Mindiola

With some 20 years of legal experience, Anastacio “Trae” Mindiola has operated his own law practice in Houston, Texas, since 2011. Focusing on civil suits involving insurance law, Anastacio Mindiola litigates cases involving bad faith.

An insurer that acts in bad faith has failed its obligation to properly investigate and pay a claim. Following are several examples that illustrate typical examples of bad faith lawsuits.

An automobile accident victim won a $2 million settlement because the policy only provided $100,000 in coverage, a policy limitation that was not revealed to the claimant.

In a $23.5 million case, the courts ruled the insurance company falsely informed a California claimant that earthquake damage was covered in its policy and encouraged the claimant to initiate repairs.

In another California suit, a jury found an insurer guilty of bad faith when it offered only $10,000 to a couple whose only child had been killed in a car accident; the limit of coverage in the policy was actually $300,000.

An auto repair shop owner asked his insurance company to defend him in an environmental damage lawsuit. The company first said he did not have a policy, and then harassed him with information requests that were impossible to meet. He successfully sued the insurers for acting in bad faith.