Wage Theft Representation at Mindiola Law Firm

Anastacio Mindiola

Anastacio Trae Mindiola has more than a decade of experience as a Texas legal professional, and in 2011 he established his law firm in Houston, Texas. For the last seven years, Anastacio Mindiola has represented clients and overseen activities across all practice areas at the firm, including wage theft.

An all too common example of wage theft in the states of Texas, California, New York, and Pennsylvania involves employers failing to provide employees with time and a half pay when an individual has worked more than 40 hours per week. Attorneys in these states may be able to secure lost wages from up to six years prior, while certain scenarios can result in employees receiving up to double the amount of unpaid wages, plus costs of recovery, attorney’s fees, and additional compensation.

Wage theft cases can represent significant amounts of lost salary. In 2016, Uber was found guilty of $100 million in wage and hour violations. Unfortunately, more than 75 percent of non-exempt workers in the United States do not receive legally mandated overtime pay. To learn more about legal recourse in regards to unpaid wages, visit mindiolawfirm.com.

Mindiola Law Firm’s Aircraft and Airport Property Damage Practice

Anastacio Mindiola

Anastacio Mindiola, a graduate of the South Texas College of Law, began his legal career in 2004 as a law clerk with the Harris County District Attorney’s office in Houston. For nearly seven years, Anastacio Trae Mindiola has led his own Houston-based law firm. The firm serves clients in a variety of areas, including aircraft and airport property damage claims.

Aircraft and airport property damage cases generally occur when an insurer declines or delays payments for damages to an aircraft or related airport facilities. With the help of an experienced aviation accident lawyer, aircraft and airport owners can work toward expediting the payment process or resolving rejected claims. An aviation accident lawyer may need to address a number of arguments made by insurance representatives, such as the issued claim exceeding the perceived value of the damage or the cause of damage not being covered by the insurance policy.

Aviation accident lawyers can also assist clients in understanding and negotiating the terms and limits of a policy. Some of the most common examples of aircraft damage include weather related damages, construction flaws and equipment malfunctions, and vandalism.